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Appointment Works is a technology provider of customer interaction management software focused on scheduling, reminding, screening, qualifying, registering, applying, call handling and notifying.

Our voice and web delivered solutions help businesses run more efficiently. Our expertise is in interactive technologies that take advantage of IVR (Interactive Voice Response), Web, and other communication technologies that make customer interaction less demanding and more effective.

What we do

We love solving problems. We believe in delivering what we commit to delivering. We believe in doing what we say we will do. We enjoy doing everything we have to do to accomplish our customers’ satisfaction.

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Rental Assistance/Eviction Diversion

Our eviction diversion and rental assistance packages are comprised of three parts: online landlord application, online tenant application and web based administration.

Appointment Management

Appointment Manger is a real time, integrated telephone and web solution for handling high demand scheduling needs of major CSBG, Utility, Weatherization and Head Start programs.

Application Management

Application Manager organizes and tracks your submitted applications, allows automated client interaction, and provides status updates. Administer multiple programs in one

administration console.

Needs Assessment

Surveys are some of the most effective tools for collecting customer feedback. Our Survey Manager goes beyond the Web to make your telephone work for you.

Auto Attendant

Auto Attendant is a computer agent that handles your calls with customized greetings. Understanding who is calling and why, has gotten much easier.

Head Start Inquiry Management

The Head Start Inquiry Manager is a Web and IVR (phone) based system that captures relevant data from clients interested in enrollment.


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